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Researching and Valuations

Loomes valuations provides bespoke appraisals which are recognised by all major insurers.

The starting point for researching a clockmaker is a book called WATCH AND CLOCKMAKERS OF THE WORLD. This well known work by G Bailie and B Loomes has just (2006) been re-published with over 20,000 new entries, so it now carries brief details of over one hundred thousand makers.

OLD CLOCKS AND WATCHES AND THEIR MAKERS, by J Britten , published by Methuen Spon, London, has more detailed listings of around 25,000 makers, the majority London makers, it tends to include more addresses of makers, and you can track a clockmaker’s progress around London as they move from place to place – a useful guide for dating many London clocks.

Scottish clocks are well covered in OLD SCOTTISH CLOCKMAKERS, by John Smith, re-printed by E>P>Publishing, Wakefield.

Welsh clocks can be found in CLOCK AND WATCHMAKERSIN WALES by I Peate, published by the National Museum of Wales, Cardiff.

There are also many county books which cover individual counties’ clockmaking and watchmaking. Some are well researched big books, with accurate listings of all clocks found by the author, all the biographical details, some books are long out of date or written by researchers who did not understand clockmaking. The trouble is that once a book has been written on a county, there is little inclination for a publisher to take on a newer, better version – it’s pot luck which are good.


We are happy to research, identify and value clocks for customers, we charge a fixed fee.

We would need a number of pictures of the clock to do this, and any details of the maker’s name, place name, and any numbering in the clock. Please don’t fill our inbox with unexpected pictures, but instead make a telephone call first to discuss this.

As a qualified Member of the British Horological Institute and as a member of the British Watch and Clockmakers’ Guild, our written assessment and valuation will normally be accepted by all UK insurance agents and loss adjusters.

Please contact us first to discuss what you need.

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