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The Robin & The Robina

 Entirely British Made

The Robin, 39mm and the Robina, 30mm. Tell no more than a classic dress watch should - the right time. Each is entirely made in England, using modern cases, dials and hands with old stock movements updated for the 21st century. 

The movements are new old stock from the 1950s. Each is stripped and carefully re-worked with additional jeweling and carefully hand engraved before the plates are gilded and the watch is carefully assembled. Each Robin or Robina watch is the product of hundreds of hours of our labour and love. 

Robin Reflection

The Robin is the classic English gentleman's watch. Each is hand built to order. Finished in stainless Sheffield steel or in Rose gold, with dials in rhodium frosted copper or white glass enamel.  

Red Robin Reflection

The Robina watches share all the attributes of the Robin watches, but in a more elegant form, more suited to a ladies wrist. Worn in the boardroom, for a night out at the Theatre, or an A list party, the Robina exudes style and sophistication. Turn the watch over to reveal the beauty of the hand engraved movement.

Prices from £8850

The Robin

The Robin Watch

The Red Robin

Robert Loomes The Red Robin

The White Robin

Robert Loomes The White Robin Watch

The Robina

Robert Loomes The Robina Watch

The Red Robina

Robert Loomes The Red Robina Watch

The White Robina

Robert Loomes The White Robina Watch
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