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The British Horological Institute is the main training organisation in the UK. Their three year exam course is rigorous in clocks and watches. They also have links to qualified members.

NOTE: The BHI course is taught at Birmingham Institute of Art and Design and I believe is about to be taught at Epping Forrest Horology Club (much more than a club)

British Watch and Clockmakers’ Guild is the professional organisation for clock and watchmakers. They work hard to promote and protect the trade. If clocks is your business you should belong – it’s worth it.

The Worshipful Company of Clockmakers is the oldest clockmaking “guild” in the world, founded in 1631 and still going strong. Amongst other things it maintains a superb FREE clock and watch museum in the City of London and provides prizes for top exam results at the BHI.

The Antiquarian Horological Society is a society devoted to the history of clock and watchmaking. They produce a superb and strictly edited journal and hold local and national meetings for members.

The RSA, or Royal Society for the encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce, was founded in 1754 with the intention “to embolden enterprise, enlarge science, refine art & extend our commerce.”
The Society is probably best known for founding the RSA music exams, inventing the “Blue Plaque” and founding the Royal College of Music, although horological luminaries as the famous clockmaker Thomas Cole (strut clocks) were early members of the Society.


Clockspares of Dereham are the country’s largest manufacturers of clock keys and replacement clock parts, offering mail order, counter service and online shop. They have some superb original lines which nobody else makes. We recently purchased their own depthing tool and it is superb, both in quality and price.

Meadows and Passmore hold VERY comprehensive supplies for clockmaking and repairing.

Cousins also a VERY comprehensive catalogue for clock and watch repair

AGThomas one of the oldest, and with old stocks that nobody else seems to find, also highly knowledgeable staff to go with it. sell “progressive tools for the horologist” : carbide gravers, small diamond wheels, lovely quality tungsten spade drills which cut through pretty much anything and my personal favourites, their diamond coated files.

I can’t write favourably enough about eternal tools, their products are very good.

Jewellersequipment Supply exhaustive jewellers and watchmakers equipment.

RE Rose, FBHI tel 0208879 4754 again carry a large and interesting range, including quite a few parts which nobody else can supply. Alas no web page as yet and they charge for their catalogues, but worth it.

John Wardle, tel 01335 347154
much like Rose’s Wardle’s also produce some unique kit, (crutches, pendulums, wheels, pulleys, clicks etc…), some of which at exceptionally good prices. More of a manufacturer than most, so you’re going straight to the main

Walsh Brothers Jewellery and Watches not just what it says on the tin but a wealth of resources.


Rita Shenton Books provide the ultimate horological book service. I don’t believe anyone can match them for scale of stock or knowledge of their business. Sadly, Rita died recently, and it is a testament to her organisation, planning and skill that the business continues without her. – Companion site for the digital book by the same name. Many helpful how-to presentations and clock related information on the subject of clock restoration – includes much uselful restoration information on case & dial work, gilding etc… with an American slant.


Brian Loomes has over seventy restored warranted longcase clocks for sale and usually has half a dozen lantern clocks and bracket clocks. He specialises in very early, country clocks.

Horological Repair Service UK run by Trevor Lowes, offer repairs, restoration and sales of antique clocks and barometers, based in Denton, Manchester

John Shone Stock a fine selection of grandfather clocks in Cheshire.

J Morrow and Son are a father and son firm in West Kilbride specialising in clock repair, clock restoration and sales.

Wollaton Clock Services are a splendid firm outside Nottingham specialising in antique clock restoration. High quality work, evidenced by the fact that the owner works here one or two days a week!


Swedish Interior Design are an excellent firm of designers and antique dealers who always have good Swedish mora clocks and cartel clocks on sale.


Thwaites and Reed are a long established London firm who maintain the Westminster clock (Big Ben) they make and maintain public clocks.


Sinclair – Harding make hand made clocks the same way they were always made. Expensive? But worth it.

English Clocks will create a reproduction longcase clock to order – your choice of style, woods, mechanism, even the dial is hand painted to order. has a vast choice of modern and reproduction clocks at great prices.


Keith Harding World of Mechanical Music sells and restores musical clocks and music boxes.


C Heal FBHI repair all makes of watches, and the website is worth a visit as an example to us all.


The AHS has a superb journal for members (see above).

The BHI has an excellent technical journal (see above).

Clocks Magazine is the best general monthly with articles on collecting, making and current clock prices.

Pladsis one of the best US sites for wants and sales of horological interest has lots of straightforward answers to why your clock is not working. It could be simpler than you think!

Klokhus is a dutch website with an astonishing array of links for clocks and watches both antique and modern

Antique Clocks Identification and priceguide online does what it says on the tin! likewise does what it says on the tin, but shows prives realised of almost 10,000 clocks!

collectics antiques, collectables, home furnishing, jewellery, a huge site with seemingly every possible antiques category

5star-antiques Listings is a peer reviewed antiqueslistings site

collecting network is an interesting site, a compendium of antiques dealers, restorers and informative articles on antiques.

The National Maritime Museum at Greenwich has the most astonishing collection of chronometers and timekeepers. Since their recent renovations, you can now even see into their workshops as the staff restore and conserve some of our finest goodies.

The Clock Museum at the Guildhall is owned by the Worshipful Company of Clockmakers (the world’s earliest surviving horological organisation, founded by Royal Charter in 1632). It’s free, right in the centre of the City of London, and although only two rooms, eye popping in its collection.

Antique Dealers, Collectors Directory – antique dealers and collectors of antiques.

Antique furniture from Antique-Antiques UK – they deal in fine antique English furniture – desks, dining room furniture, chairs, mirrors, and paintings.

The Watch Hut is the UK’s largest watch website covering all well-known makes of watches including Tissot, Breitling, Rotary, Omega and all well known brands. Part of TH Baker established in 1888 they are a name to trust.

ANTIQUES DEALERS Specialising in clocks

Oaktree Antiques ~ Town & Country Furniture & Clocks offer a good old-fashioned service, and are based in the Midlands.

Ian Burton Antique Clocks
Ian is perhaps Scotland’s finest clock dealer. His website is regularlly updated and he often has interesting “novelty clocks”. Occasionally he will grace us with a visit to one of the London fairs.

The London Directory is a huge net directory devoted to all things London

Tony Sheffer Antiques
Is a well regarded local dealer based in Northamptonshire/Rutland stocking a large selection of clocks of all types, ranging from carriage to longcase clocks.


Did you know there is a dedicated web based tv channel for watchmaking? is just that.

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