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Loomes British Watches

Makers and Restorers

Marble Background
Loomes of Stamford. Where knowledge, meets craftsmanship.

Proud to create entirely British made wristwatches and to restore and repair antique and vintage clocks and watches. We encourage customers to step inside our workshops and see how we work. 

Loomes date back generations as clock and watch repairers and started making watches in 2008. Our expert staff design and manufacture proper British made wristwatches from their Mermaid workshops in Stamford. Sitting inside England’s first ever conservation zone, Loomes & Co is housed in the former Stamford gaol house, a building dating back to 1588. Fronting onto the River Welland, and spreading over four floors, the workshops are a showcase of horological expertise, not just watchmaking but also repair and restoration of fine clocks and watches and fine furniture restoration



We concentrate on providing a full restoration service for antique clocks and watches.

High quality watch repair and servicing, by properly trained watch repairers with decades of experience.
Personal, qualified, experienced and secure, award-winning service.
When we service a watch or clock we do the job absolutely the right way,
taking every piece apart and cleaning them individually that way we have faith in our
work and stand by our guarantees.
Dial restoration has been part of our Loomes family business since 1966.
At our workshops in Stamford we use a combination of traditional and modern techniques to achieve the highest quality dial restoration.
The revival of British Watchmaking

Loomes might date back generations as clock and watch repairers but only started making watches in 2008. Our expert staff design and manufacture proper British made wristwatches from their Mermaid workshops in Stamford. 

Loomes are about to launch their new Model Ten.

The Model Ten celebrates ten years of watchmaking and ten years of Robina driving the "make it British" cause here. 

A limited edition of ten entirely British made watches, signed and numbered on their enamel dials. Each is unique and a work of art in itself. The numerals and text are not printed onto glass but are glass ink, fired into the white. It is rare worldwide and unique in Britain.

The Loomes Original

The top of the range Loomes Original watch is entirely designed and made by us, movement, case, dial and ancillaries. 100% English (we did outsource a few bits of manufacture, but only to firms we could nip across and see quickly, so within an hour's drive from Stamford.).

It is the first British watch movement entirely designed, manufactured and built in the 21st century.

Loomes Original British Watch

The Robin & The Robina

The Robin range was launched in 2011 and uses "new, old stock" Smiths movements as the basis for construction. In fact each movement is meticulously re-engineered with additional jewelling before hand engraving the plates, very much in the style of our ancestor watchmaker Thomas Loomes, who owned the Mermaid in Lothbury. The Mermaid was the largest clock and watchmakers in the world in the 1640's and 1650's. 


The Robina is the smallest entirely British made mechanical watch.

The Robin - British Made
The Robina - British Made

Our friendly team of expert watchmakers and clockmakers are proficient in all types of pocket watch repair and vintage wristwatch repairs. Our watchmakers are accredited by the British Horological Institute.

We repair and restore all kinds of domestic clocks from grandfather clock repqair to carriage clock restoration. We are happy to collect and deliver  and to set up, and guarantee, larger clocks in the home.

Our artists specialise in clock dial restoration, painted or brass. We can restore all types of furniture including cases, even lacquered or painted finishes. We restore gilded brass and bronze cases, even china cases.

Our team are happy to be stretched by the unusual. We also restore music boxes, barometers, metronomes, even true musical chairs for Chatsworth House

Fine furniture restoration and furniture repairs including veneering, staining, polishing, inlay, gilding and much much more

For all kinds of watch repairs or clock repairs or for bespoke watchmaking come and meet the lovely folk who do the work. We'll be pleased to see you.

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