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The Loomes Original

Entirely Made By Us

The Loomes Original is an entirely in - house made movement, every component has been designed and made by us, even the jewelled bearings are British made.

People said this could only be done with a capital investment of many millions, Loomes on the other hand, with just a few high-speed machines and with the help of some expert British assistance, have produced the Loomes Original. A limited edition of 12 white gold and 12 yellow gold watches.

The Loomes Original


Made in England

Hand finished & assembled in our workshops

Diameter - 39mm

Thickness - 12.25mm

Lug - 20mm

18ct Yellow Gold or White Gold Case


Made in England

Hand printed & painted in our workshops

Matte Rhodium Dial

Black Roman Numerals

Hand Blued Hands


Made in England

Hand built in our workshops


Loomes Made Movement

30 Hour Duration

Loomes Original Watch

The movement is designed to maximize the size of barrel providing not long duration but smooth transference of power to the centre wheel. 

Not just plates wheels and pinions but even the most traditionally "difficult" components like jewels and springs were designed and made from scratch. If not made in the workshop, everything was made within an hour's drive from Stamford for convenience.

Making a batch of hairsprings was probably the most rewarding individual component. Made from a simple steel alloy they turned out of their boxes a lovely blue, as we had hoped for. 

Making pallets is probably the most demanding job. Each, whilst initially machined in the rough, must be hand finished and fitted to at worst 1/50th of a millimeter away from the design for the pivots, the pallets and the horns. 

The first, non-lubricated, assembly of one single movement, after months of build time, is one of great joy. Truly we have breathed life into metal components. 

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