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British Horological Institute Code of Practice

The British Horological Institute Code of Practice, revised in 2003, is a minimum by which restorers and conservators should conduct their business. We are happy to show it here and to abide by it, as should any self respecting clock restoration business:

This code applies to the repair, restoration and conservation of clocks and watches, or related artefacts. All members of the Institute, whether qualified or unqualified, are bound by the code.

Article 1

A member should provide the customer with a written quotation or estimate for all work together with an indication of how long the work is likely to take. If extra work is required, the customer’s consent should be obtained for both the extent and the cost of the extra work.

Article 2

A member should submit a detailed invoice with all work returned to the customer.

Article 3

A member should have suitable insurance to cover public liability, employers’ liability (where appropriate) and the value of the oblects left for repair. Where insurance does not cover objects left for repair, the customer must be informed that insurance of the clock or watch is his/her responsibility.

Article 4

A member should not undertake work beyond his/her level of competence. If any work is sent in whole or in part to another specialist, the customer should be advised in advance.

Article 5

Due consideration must be given to maintain the original character and property of artefacts of historic, rarity or quality value.

Article 6

A member must not use letters of qualification to which he/she is not entitled.

Article 7

A member must not bring the Institute into disrepute.


All members of the Institute are required, in the conduct of any repair, restoration or conservation of any clock, watch or item of a horological nature to:

1) Work to a professional standard;

2) Observe the public interest in matters of Health and Safety;

3) Observe all laws and regulations within the country in which they operate their business;

4) Uphold the reputation of the Institute by conducting themselves with courtesy and consideration towards all customers.

Customers should be made aware in the event of dissatisfaction, the matter should first be taken up directly with the member. If a customer is dissatisfied with a member’s response, the BHI’s concilliation and arbitration service is available.

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